Talk and Act - May 21 Judgment Day Party 

May 21 Judgment Day Billboard

May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day!  At least that's what Harold Camping and his Family Radio followers profess.  Well, we're not praying for mercy.  Instead, we're throwing a live streaming May 21 Judgment Day Party.  You're invited to join live, send in a pre-recorded message, or just watch. 

The day that Jesus is allegedly returning is also Armed Forces Day, and we think it's only appropriate to run a fundraiser for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and Rock Beyond Belief's soldiers at Ft. Bragg. 

An impressive lineup of people and groups are joining the live stream party, which is free to view throughout Judgment Day!  During the show, we will:


Have live streaming entertainment...
Enjoy informative presentations.

Run a fundraiser in honor of Armed Forces Day that benefits Rock Beyond Belief, soldiers fighting "Spiritual Fitness Tests," and their legal counsel, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Find out more about the purpose of our May 21 Judgment Day Party and the lineup of guests! If you're having a party, be sure and list it with us.

Live Stream

The live stream will be aired beginning 00.01 May 21 and ending at 11:59 p.m. that same day.  Any Jesus sightings will be reported!

The party can be embeded on your website.  Just visit or click the SHARE button in the video below.

Until we go live, we are running an excellent video on Rock Beyond Belief created by YouTuber TheManofEarth.

Watch live streaming video from judgmentday at



Visit our blog - we are constantly updating with our awesome roster of guests on the show!